The 5 Best Tour Companies For Solo Travellers

best tour companies

I’m a big fan of solo travel. Being able to do whatever you want without having to worry about the needs and wants of anyone and just following your own path is an incredible feeling. However, sometimes it can be great to share the amazing adventures you’re having with other people too. Being with one of the best tour companies available can be a god send to a nervous or solo traveller.

This is where my list of the best tour companies comes in. These companies are all great for solo travellers. Some give you the chance to see the highlights with others if you’re too nervous to go on your own. Others will take you to places far off the beaten track that you’d never be able to organise by yourself. So take a look at each and find the best one for you!

best tour companies

Intrepid Travel

If you’re going to go on a tour with anyone, make it these guys. They are hands down my favourite tour operators for small group tours. Be led by expert local guides on some truly once-in-a-lifetime adventures to some of the most far flung and untouched places on the planet. Intrepid knows that travel isn’t just about the highlights, it’s about the little things in between. If journeying with a local villager in a beaten up truck in the wilderness is just as important to you as the destination it’s heading to, then Intrepid Travel is the perfect tour company for you. Check out my article from my last tour with them in Morocco, Walking With Berber Nomads.

best tour companies

Geckos Adventures

Geckos are a tour company operating for 18-29 year olds who aren’t interested in seeing 30 cities in 10 days. These tours are great for young people who want to travel with people their own age but also want to learn about the place they’re visiting. Tours are typically led by local guides and offer insight into local life, culture, and customs. But don’t worry, you’ll also find out where the back-street bars are. These tours are great for those who want a fulfilling trip with other young travellers but without the boozy nights, crowded hostels and crammed busses (local busses excluded!)

best tour companies


Aimed at 18-35 year old, Contiki tours will give you a great surface level understanding of each of your destinations as you jump from city to city. These tours are great if you want to see the highlights but only have a short amount of time. They may also inspire you to spend more time somewhere that you hadn’t considered before. This was the case for me following my Contiki tour in China, a country I am now itching to explore more of after getting a taste. Check here for some great last minute deals.

best tour companies


Peregrine tours are an offshoot of Intrepid Travel and are aimed at an older crowd. These tours offer the same local guides and the chance to meet local people and cultures that Intrepid does, but you’ll do it in the comfort of coaches and hotels rather than cramped local busses and hostels. Peregrine lives by the motto that you never outgrow adventure and I can highly recommend this company to anyone who still yearns for adventure, but in a bit more comfort than they may have before.

best tour companies

Top Deck

Top Deck Tours specialises in longer trips for 18-39 year olds. Their European tours in particular are good value for money. They take in plenty of different cities and countries and give a great overview of a region. Top Deck’s aim is to provide tours steeped in history combined with authenticity, friends and a story to share.

Solo travel doesn’t mean you have to be alone! These are, in my opinion, the best tour companies and all offer great value. They are the perfect way to visit that dream destination.

Have you had any experience with these companies? Good or bad? Follow me on social media and let me know!